Chemistry Tutoring In-Person and Online


In my first semester of General Chemistry I did not get a good grade that I was satisfied with, that’s why for the second semester I decided to find a tutor to improve my knowledge. Anna responded me very quickly. My actual tutor who I had classes with was Jennifer. She identified gaps in my knowledge and focused in those areas to help me to prepare for exams in a short period of time as I only had few weeks before tests. She explained the material and went over the homework problems using easy to understand language and well-fitted examples. All our classes always were on time and productive. Jennifer was well prepared, organized and used technologies for a better explanation. These classes made me more confident and knowledgeable during tests and by the end of the course my grade was improved by the whole unit.

Liza D.

It's obvious from even the first tutor session that Jen knows organic chemistry really well. She's not just knowledgeable, however - her patience and willingness to go the extra mile to help students also contributes to making her a good tutor. She really is an A+ instructor. I could not ask for better help in passing what has to be the most demanding subject I've ever taken.

Patrick W.

About me

My name is Jen and I live in Santa Cruz, California. I have been a tutor with Tear Free Chemistry since 2017. I tutor the following subjects: general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, AP chemistry and high school chemistry. I tutor in person if you come to Santa Cruz or online. 

Before moving to Santa Cruz to attend UCSC, I lived in the central valley. I was inspired to study science by a really good high school chemistry teacher who encouraged me to attend California Polytechnic State University (CalPoly), San Luis Obispo, a school known for its science and engineering program. Once at Cal Poly, I majored in biochemistry as I had strong interests in both chemistry and biology.  As a senior I took some advanced organic chemistry elective classes and completely fell in love with it.  
After college I applied for a Ph.D. program at University of California, Santa Cruz and got accepted. While at graduate school I realized that the thing that I truly enjoyed was being a teaching assistant and working with students. Teaching gave me a lot more joy and satisfaction than research. I loved being able to help students who were struggling with chemistry and show them how amazing this subject can be.  I decided to obtain my master's degree in chemistry and pursue career of teaching chemistry to both college and high school students.


My daughter has recently started to be tutored for her AP chemistry. She is finding Jen enormously helpful in the led up to her exams. Jen has helped her develop confidence in her ability to answer exam questions and together they have focused on areas she has found difficult. Jen has made herself available in these crucial few weeks as often as needed and we are very happy with the tutoring she has received. Would highly recommend Jen to anyone struggling with AP chemistry.

Prasad P.