Chemistry Tutoring In-Person and Online


"Anna has been amazing. She is very organized, punctual and has a true gift; she is very passionate about chemistry and creates an environment that is inviting and conducive to a great pain free learning experience. I strongly recommend her to any one seeking a jump start and maintenance of basic and advance knowledge about chemistry. She rocks. "

Mojdeh T., MD.

"My son took AP Chemistry this year and had no idea what he was getting into.  One month into the school year, and it was clear that he was lost and his grades showed it. With just a few sessions, Anna was able to distill my son’s extremely challenging AP content into their basic and fundamental elements, and then she built everything piece by piece with the utmost clarity in order for my son to be able to naturally internalize the nuances that are neither taught at school or present in the text book.  My son’s last test score was among the highest in his AP class. Professionalism at its best."  

Sherry S.

"Right from the start Anna was very flexible.  She quickly eased our concerns regarding online tutoring with her effective teaching methods, her style, and her personality.  My daughter easily gravitated to her way of tutoring both via online & face-to-face.  I was extremely impressed with how well prepared and knowledgeable Anna is.  The more my daughter works with Anna on a weekly basis, the stronger her confidence grows in AP Chemistry.  I'm glad to see that the stress and the tears are slowly going away and I can't thank Anna enough for all her support.  I highly recommend Anna as a tutor!"

Lilly T.

"I am very delighted with Anna. She is very methodical, personable, and upbeat in her interactions with my daughter.  My daughter's confidence has skyrocketed, and her scores have vastly improved. Here are a couple of quotes directly from Sasha...'Anna is an amazing tutor. She explains subjects well and in-depth. I understand chemistry now and have been doing better on tests already. She is also a great person, who is easy to get along with.'"

                                                                            Dmitriy D.

"My daughter started high school chemistry with a particularly difficult chemistry  teacher. (At the end of the year tee shirts were made saying "I survived Mr C's Chem Class"). So after she earned a B+ first term, she was ecstatic! She loved chemistry & found it very interesting. But by mid November she was really struggling, even with after school help, peer tutoring and help from her dad. 
I searched for a good chemistry tutor but I couldn't find anyone that was happy with the tutor they had for their child. A friend told me that she found an amazing tutor for her son - but she was in California and we lived in Boston.  I was skeptical - tutoring by Skype.  She said she was too, but after a few lessons, her son was completely back on track. So I thought it couldn't hurt to try & I  contacted Anna. 
After the first lesson, my daughter was hopeful. After the next two lessons, she regained her confidence. From then on, she looked forward to meeting with Anna so she could understand what she learned in class. 
Anna teaches in a way that clarifies and solidifies the material in a non intimidating way. She makes learning chem fun (I even heard my daughter laughing during her lesson!)"

                                                                          Holly A.



"Anna is passionate, knowledgeable and driven for OCHEM. She saw my weaknesses and grilled me until I had the material down. She was prepared, she knew the material and most important she was able to teach it in a way that I was able to understand it. With her help I went from failing to passing OCHEM. I thought it was impossible but by the final, through several tutoring sessions It all made sense. I'll will certainly use her services for OCHEM 2!! I can't even express how lucky I was to have Anna as my tutor".

Lohan C.

"Anna is an amazing tutor!  She's open to opinions, she adapts to your learning style, and has various ways of teaching. So if you don't understand a problem, she will find different ways to explain until you get it completely. Definitely recommend her!"

​Nav L.

"Anna is a kind and encouraging tutor, who is passionate about organic chemistry and explains complex topics clearly. I had trouble understanding lab techniques such as NMR, and she explained underlying concepts while providing tricks and tips that gave me an edge that I did not have before." 

Rachelle K.

"Anna was such a helpful tutor! I had an organic chemistry final exam coming up and needed help understanding the mechanisms and steps required to solve the problems and she did just that! She helped me with complex problems catering to the way my teacher taught in class and she used the reagents and material my teacher taught in class which made it WAY easier for me to understand. She also was very accommodating and on time with responses and very thorough in her explanations! Definitely will be coming back and definitely recommended if you need help with tough organic chemistry problems​."

​Sim R.

"Professional, smart, incredibly helpful, inspirational...I could go on describing this wizard of chemistry, but it would make this review unbearably verbose. Anya was helping me with ochem at the time when I was quite determined that I wanted to master this subject, but I just didn't have the right tools and mindset to actually do it. She gave me another perspective which changed the game - I stopped stressing out about the grade for my course and became engrossed in the field. This way I didn't really have to study chemistry and memorize all the reactions. I just had to enjoy it. And she was enjoying it with me. During our sessions, her tips on "seeing the big picture" actually helped me to construct my own way of developing mechanisms for different reactions. I ended up getting an A in my course, because she taught how to be productive at studying ochem and not to perceive this subject as the death of any chemistry/biochemistry/medical student. There is no doubt that I would recommend her to anyone who wants to become better at chemistry. She is truly a great tutor."

Valentina K.