Chemistry Tutoring In-Person and Online

Online Tutoring

​When face-to-face tutoring is not an option, I teach online using Skype or any platform of your choice.  I have been tutoring online for a number of years, teaching both secondary school/high school and university students from all over the world.  There is no need to go anywhere and all the student needs is a laptop. 

During the lesson I use digital white board. Each student has their own personal digital white board that is permanently saved and can be accessed any time outside the lesson. This creates permanent record of every session, so there is no need to take notes and waste time. The student opens the digital whiteboard on their computer. This allows the student to follow everything I am writing in real time just like it would in the regular classroom. 
This technology also allows the student to write on the whiteboard as well. This way I can see how the student approaches the problem and guide them in the right direction if they get stuck. The session is highly interactive and effective.

The rate for online tutoring is £80/ $100 per hour (60 minutes).